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BATD ON May 05, 2010 AT 4:44 pm

Christophe Durand

We’ve snagged some precious time from UNE’s makeup artist, Christophe Durand, so we can find out a bit more about the range as well as get some sneaky insider tips. Read on to find out what he has to say:

Mimi: I love how simple the range is, did you start off with such natural shades in mind when designing the range?

Christophe: Yes UNE is all about enhancing your natural skin tone so that it’s the person is what you notice and not the colours of the makeup.  The shades were inspired by the natural colours in the iris of the eyes, hair and skin tones.

UNE - Breezy Cheeks Blush

M: Do you have any expert tips on how to best use the colours you have created?

C: A good way is just with the fingers, the colours are subtle and easy to blend therefore it’s impossible to make mistakes.

Also avoid any hard lines around the eyes, the pencils are designed to smudge and look natural to accentuate the eyes.

M: French women do just seem to get that effortless looking beauty just right, what can we learn from them?

C: French women don’t like wearing too much make up.  They steer clear of heavy foundations and are not really into brightly coloured lipsticks. They also don’t over groom the hair which again makes them look chic without trying too much.

UNE - Concealer Pencil

M: What are the stand out products for you from UNE?

C: For me it’s the Breezy Cheeks blush for its lovely blendable consistancy.  It merges into the skin without any streaks or powdery finish. I call the concealer pencil my “magic wand” as its easy to add a little light to the face with its creamy blendable texture.

M: What are the best ways to ensure skin looks at its best, so we do just need to enhance our inner beauty rather than cover up? 

C: Choose the right shade of foundation, apply with a brush to blend seemlessly.  Always add blush to the cheeks in a subtle colour and use a toning lip balm.  Eyes benefit from a wash of smoky colour for a natural result.

M: Which celebrity do you think symbolises natural beauty today?

C: French Actress Melanie Laurant, Kate Winslet and Kiera Knightley

Keep an eye out for the UNE range, which hit shelves today (05.05.10) in the Boots at Sedley Place, Oxford Street, London.

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