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Mimi ON Apr 26, 2010 AT 9:37 am

!QMS Medicosmetics at Selfridges

Yesterday I went to Selfridges to try out the new skincare brand !QMS Medicosmetics, and was seriously impressed. Even though I had to sit in the Beauty Hall for the treatment, I’d go again for how my skin looked afterwards!

The brand already has a cult following due to its amazing formulas, developed by renowned cosmetics surgeon and international lecturer, Dr med Erich Schulte. Dr Schulte has created these formulas using the heavily researched Cellular Marine (stem cell line eraser), a ground-breaking technology derived from Sea Fennel Stem Cells which support the body’s own stem cells, enhancing the stimulation of new cells and improving the skin’s metabolism.  All of which I can vouch for do leave your skin looking radiant and rejuvenated.

I find many of these highly-hyped brands can often be disappointing, however after my treatment at Selfridges my skin felt unbelievably plump and smooth, and was left radiant and glowing as a result. I would highly recommend this brand as not only does use some seriously heavy-weight research behind its products, but the promise for the future seems incredibly exciting.

!QMS Celluar Marine

The stimulation of stem cell growth is the fabled holy grail of rejuvenating face creams these days, and it looks like !QMS may have found just the ingredient to do it in their use of Sea Fennel.

The products aren’t cheap but if they work for you, as well as they did on my skin, then they’re definitely worth the investment.

To try out this range Selfridges are launching a week-long ‘Age Defying Facial Event’, Oxford Street from 22nd April – 29TH April. So head down to the main Beauty Hall and get yourself an amazing 30 minute. Each facial costs £30.00 but this is redeemable with purchase so you’re getting a very good deal indeed!

To book your appointment, please contact !QMS Medicosmetics on reception@qmsmedicosmetics.com or Tel: 0207 730 8060.

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