BATD ON Jan 17, 2014 AT 11:31 am

by Chrissy Iley

QMS Hand Care

I never used to understand hand cream. Aunties would give it to me – the days before the scented candle was the ubiquitous gift.

I got given hand cream from the age of eight when I considered, and probably rightly so, that it was entirely superfluous.

Hand cream impressed me only as something that needed to be dismissed, despite the fact that there’s no point in taking care of signs of age on your face if you have cracked and wrinkly paws.

When I noticed my hands were dry and my cuticles had their own set of dandruff, I thought of hand care. Acquired stuff that smelt nice but again I never used because I couldn’t stand its greasiness. I couldn’t abide having to rub my hands together in a mini-workout for it to be absorbed.

The QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care (£20.00) is nothing like the hand care I am used to. It smells super clean and fresh and it leaves your hands silky in an instant. It absorbs intense moisturiser incredibly quickly. There is absolutely no greasy residue. It is beautifully refreshing and leaves your hands perfectly smooth.

There is a science behind it of course, but more importantly it bucks the trend set by a lot of hand creams, it works.

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