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Chrissy ON Jun 24, 2013 AT 9:58 am

I had heard a lot about the cutting edge skincare of QMS Medicosmetics. The medi part is not just for show. It was created by German cosmetic surgeon and lecturer Dr Erich Schulte. Like many of the greats he first started working in the hospital with damaged skin.

He realised that malnourished skin increased post-surgery scarring so he came up with his first product for patients to use prior to surgery to combat this problem. All of the patients wanted to know where they could buy it. Thus QMS Medicosmetics was created.

QMS Medicosmetics

The London flagship spa is just off the King’s Road behind Peter Jones. A red brick building on the outside. Inside it’s a bright white tinged with blue space station. Part medical laboratory, part oasis of calm.

Therapists in white lab coats all have beautiful skin. They all look incredibly young, but as they’ve been using the treatments they are probably collecting pensions.

The treatment rooms are white cubes with heated beds and each facial is bespoke. You fill in a questionnaire and talk about your skin. No detail left out.

First there’s a soothing cleanse and an exfoliant fluid with fruit enzymes that stings as it works. All the time there’s steam gently nurturing your face. There are a few extractions which were dealt with so deftly there was no pain.

Then comes the moment I’d been waiting for. A thick mask that soothed was painted on with a brush. First timers can have an option of having their eyes open or closed. Even though I am slightly claustrophobic the whiteness of the mask, its soothing luxuriating qualities, didn’t feel frightening.

QMS Medicosmetics treatment mask

After that your face is dusted with oxygen that is 98% pure. It felt cooling and tickling. After this came an amazing massage followed by a moisturising Hydro Foam Mask.

The experience was relaxing and my face was glowing. The next day I noticed just how rejuvenating it had been. My skin was soft and plumped and looked as if it had been dipped in youth glow.

Treatments start at only £45 for an express facial. And there’s a whole menu of different treatments – facial lymphatic drainage, body reshaping, pigmentation correction, and skin renewal.

The products are all must haves. The 24 hour cream can take you anywhere. The Pearltouch, which is refirming as well as moisturising, sits in a little pearl. Most of the sets can travel in handbag or hand luggage.

My skin had been dried and deflated from jet lag. The lag part had definitely had an effect on my face and the facial made me look rested and relaxed. The products will be going with me on any plane journey to come. This was a very special facial with very clever products. Dr Schulte’s products are the way forward.

QMS Medicosmetics Spa, 43 Cadogan Gardens, London, SW3 2TB. Tel: 020 7730 8090.


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