QMS Sport Active Cream

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Sport Active Cream

QMS Sport Active Cream

By Chrissy Iley

I have become addicted to QMS Medicosmetics. There are so many hero products in this range it’s hard to pick the best. At the moment I’m loving QMS’s Sport Active Cream.

I was a little afraid of something called sport cream, as I am the least sporty person on the planet. But best not to be fooled by that name.

The cream does not improve your tennis serve but it does make your skin glow and not sweat while you are running around in the sun.

It’s one of those creams that’s so busy it must be called sport active because it’s working out in its pot 24/7. It’s an SPF, a moisturiser and a tint and it’s packed full of vitamins.

When it first comes in its incredibly light Tiffany turquoise and transparent pot you look at the colour. It seems quite dark and you think this could never be for me. But its magical formulation makes it change to your own skin tone. It gives you an all over glow as it sweeps away imperfections, blemishes, sunspots, redness.

You think how can this light whipped-cream that looks not like a cream at all be so powerful with its tricks.

Like all the QMS Medicosmetics created by skin pioneer Dr Erich Schulte they have a whole firming anti-ageing action going on. The cream covers like silk and leaves the skin feeling firm and silky to the touch. The vitamins within the cream help protect against free radicals and it moisturises as it tints. It also has amazing staying power.

Putting on a full-face foundation in the summer can feel clammy and look unnatural to the point of bizarre, so I love this cream. I’m also loving the QMS Hand Care.

Hand creams used to be something that I gave to aunties at Christmas or sometimes they gave to me. I was never big on it, hating the idea of greasy fingers.

QMS Hand Care has a light and magical touch. It freshens and livens the skin and it seeps in directly with no greasy clammy aftermath at all.

They also provide the perfect moisturiser for extreme temperatures – works in freezing as well as heat. It’s called Pearl Touch with extracts of pearl and silk protein. It comes in a cute and travel friendly giant pearl case.

It spreads over the skin beautifully and smells of freshness. It instantly re-firms and moisturises. Complete rejuvenation in a tiny pearl. It penetrates the skin so quickly it doesn’t have a chance to make your skin go sweaty or bumpy. It’s also said to reduce fine lines and be wrinkle preventative because of the way it strengthens the skin.

I like the way these creams all have a base in medical science. Dr Schulte began in the field of trauma surgery. Her researched wound healing. He was one of the first doctors to reintroduce collagen into damaged skin. If victims of trauma surgery could recover quickly using his formula he realised it could have wider uses and thus he started to develop his highly efficient range.


!QMS Medicosmetics Sport Active Cream £66.

!QMS Medicosmetics Pearl Touch Duo £297.

!QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care £20.


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