Rainy Day Hair

Mimi ON Sep 25, 2012 AT 2:30 pm

With a month of rainy weather forecast to fall over the next week, you may as well put down the round-barrelled brush and curling tongs because no matter how shiny and perfected your hair, nor how much hairspray you’ve spritzed, by the time you’ve battled gale force winds, pouring rain and a blown inside-out brolly you’ll undoubtedly arrive at work wishing you’d spent the extra half hour in bed instead.

But don’t reach for the hat just yet, as session stylist and Neville Hair and Beauty’s hottest hairdresser, Jack Merrick-Thirlway, offers up three easy do-it-yourself options all of which work on either fresh-from-the shower or day-old hair, that will see you through the wet week with your fashion-kudos wholly intact.

Rainy Day Hair

First up, and my personal rainy-day/ post-gym hairstyle of choice, is the messy top knot.

Jack advises to rough dry freshly washed hair – there’s no need for it to be smooth.  Tip your head upside down and use your fingers to pull hair into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic on top of the head. Don’t fret about strands hanging out, it all adds to the ‘undone’ messy look.  Add a touch of hairspray to the lengths – for extra grip when pinning and backcomb just a little before wrapping hair around the elastic and using pins to secure.

Alberta Ferretti AW12

This season’s catwalk hair works perfectly with wet and windy weather, so take your cue from the neat, nape of the neck, knots at Alberta Ferretti. 

For this look Jack suggests working with 2 day old hair but if you’re starting from scratch, spritz hair with a styling lotion, such as Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion £6.40 and add a heat protection cream to the ends, I’d recommend Kerastase Ciment Thermique £14.50. Blow dry hair smooth and flat, a large paddle brush works well and pull into a low pony tail securing at the nape of the neck with a thin elastic. Gently backcomb the ponytail to get more grip before re-smoothing it with a brush and adding a mist of L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Lumiere Hairspray £11.65 for added shine and hold. Carefully wrap hair around the elastic and keep wrapping until the ends disappear and secure with fine pins.

MaxMara AW12

We love these super perfect-looking twisted plaits at MaxMara, offering a Heidi style edge to a simple bun, they’re far easier to recreate than they look. This look works best with longer hair and can be simplified to just one bun, rather than two.

For this look Jack suggests repeating the Alberta Ferretti style above up until the point of backcombing the ponytail where instead you will french plait the lengths. Secure ends with an invisible elastic and wrap around the ponytail base before securing with fine pins. Finish with hairspray.

Jack Merrick-Thirlway at Neville Hair & Beauty, 5 Pont Street, SW1x 9EJ, 020 7235 3654 www.nevillehairandbeauty.net







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