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Mimi ON Aug 25, 2009 AT 7:13 pm

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Do you buy everything for the bathroom cabinet, including his razor and toothrush? His excuse is probably you spend so much time in Boots why not get my stuff too?

Well you can impress him with your grooming knowledge and treat him to the new ergonomic Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision razor, it’s heavy duty, the sort of blade that Wolverine would trim his sideburns with.

The clever bit; it has four titanium coated blades and a trim facility with four adjustable levels so he can maintain his beard, those Seth Rogan sideburns, or just take a bit off and go for the five o’clock shadow look. The choice is yours, so it should be you bought it and have to walk down the street with him too! I would happily pop in to Boots for Ryan Reynolds…..(excuse for pic of topless hot man)

Click here for the money off voucher. http://top100.kontraband.com/clickout.asp?ID=458

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