Reality Stars: Future Fashion Labels

Mimi ON May 17, 2011 AT 3:55 pm

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino - Dilligaf by the Sitch

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino - Dilligaf by the Sitch

Kardashian Sisters – Kardashian Kollection (Sears)


The buzz over this “kollection” has been building for quite some time, and the Kardashian sisters themselves seem to have been plugging it forever via Twitter and their many reality TV shows.  If it’s anything like their Bebe collection, don’t expect anything too original or exciting…maybe some more tight-fitting dresses and shorts?

Olivia Palermo – To Be Confirmed

Details about Palermo’s much-anticipated collection haven’t been released yet, but are expected to come with the arrival of her upcoming reality TV show.  After witnessing Palermo’s catty ways on The City it’s hard to like her as a person, but her clothes were quite enviable.  Hopefully she will be able to translate her ultra-luxe style into an accessible collection for all of us!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino – Dilligaf by the Sitch

This tanned Jersey Shore star may be famous for his abs, but this summer he is teaming up with Dilligaf by Bohica Bill to launch a couture line of t-shirts, sweats, and accessories.  The Dilligaf brand features graphic tees and that Jersey-esque style The Sitch and his Jersey Shore co-stars seem to admire so much, so we can assume Dilligaf by the Sitch won’t stray too far from that aesthetic.


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