Reality Stars: The Ugly Fashion Labels

Mimi ON May 17, 2011 AT 3:55 pm

Snooki aka... The Ugly

Snooki aka... The Ugly

JWOWW – Filthy Couture

Not surprisingly, JWOWW’s clothing line, elegantly named “Filthy Couture” didn’t even last long enough for people to purchase the garish creations.  Immediately after orders were placed, the company was shut down for trademark reasons and JWOWW’s lack of good business skills.  But sneak peeks at the designs confirm the collection was just as horrible as you may have predicted; Filthy Couture looks included cleavage-baring tops in gaudy colors, form-fitting hot pink lace dresses, slashed low-waist denim, iridescent tights, and tiny feathered vests.  Thank goodness we don’t have to witness people wearing this stuff on the street!

Snooki – Snooki for Happy Feet

Heidi Montag at the Heidiwood For Anchor Blue Fashion Show

Heidi Montag at the Heidiwood For Anchor Blue Fashion Show

Would a rational person ever wear Snooki’s slippers? Not only are they hideous, but they look a bit hard to walk in as well.  Then again, if you’re like Snooki and sit on the sofa eating pickles all day, limited mobility won’t be much of an issue.  Snooki teamed up with Happy Feet to launch her line of plush slippers that look to be about the size of one’s head and are shaped like giant sneakers for whatever reason.  In a variety of different colors to choose from (like metallic’s, leopard print, and neon hues) at least she considered how these will match the rest of your wardrobe…

Check them out here…

Heidi (Montag) Pratt – Heidiwood at Anchor Blue

Heidiwood flopped after just one season, and after looking through the designs it is pretty obvious why.  Montag has real experience in fashion design (she spent a year abroad in Italy studying apparel) but her clothes for Anchor Blue are shockingly unoriginal, a bit trashy, and totally uninspired. A cropped zebra print halter-top with miniscule black shorts? No, thank you. Half of the collection is made up of boring, buy-it-anywhere cotton dresses and colorful tank tops with white mini skirts.  There is nothing unique or stylish about the collection at all – perhaps Heidi should stick to her day job of simply being famous for being famous?

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