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BATD ON Jan 18, 2010 AT 10:11 am

pH Advantage Kinetin Ultra

pH Advantage Kinetin Ultra

Rosacea is an increasingly common problem: caused by tiny blood vessels dilating under the skin, facial redness is often far worse in winter when we’re dipping in and out of hot and cold environments. pH Advantage Kinetin Ultra, £75, is an nourishing and calming cream with anti-ageing benefits as well.

With active ingredients including Co-Enzyme Q10 and plant extract Cytokinin, Kinetin Ultra strengthens skin to better withstand external aggressors, such as wind, cold and pollution. According to Dr Barry Cohen, founder of pH Advantage, heavy coffee drinking can be a rosacea trigger, so cancel that triple Americano and opt for green tea or hot chocolate instead.

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