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BATD ON Jun 30, 2010 AT 1:50 pm

Arnicare Cooling Gel

Arnicare Cooling Gel

We all love a little sunshine, but sometimes this heat can be a bit overbearing. If you need a little cooling down in this hot, sticky weather, Arnicare has just come out with Arnica Cooling Gel.

Using the natural benefits of Arnica with grapefruit oil and menthol, this gel is used to cool and revive your tired feet and aching muscles after a long day spent at a festival. I know how tired my body gets after laying out at the beach all day, or even just shopping around town in this heat, so I’ll definitely be keeping this product at hand all the time!

It’s also perfect for those long flights across the pond when your ankles and legs need a little circulation while you’re traveling. So whether you’re stretched out on the beach, wanting a fab flight or undertaking some hardcore adventure, if you need help to cool and refresh your tired, heavy legs, I think arnicare has come up with the perfect solution.

You can buy it now at Boots for £4.65.

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