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BATD ON Feb 10, 2009 AT 10:50 am

Blemish Control Kit

Blemish Control Kit

The odd zit here and there – an annoying fact of life. Acne - a whole other story. And it’s not just a teenage story either; adult acne is on the increase. Whatever age you develop acne, it’s a confidence sapping, painful and distressing condition. So far, prescription drugs come with possible side effects, and over the counter clearing gels just aren’t powerful enough. Blemish Complex 30 Day Kit, £29.95, developed by dermatologists stateside, has had rave reviews for it’s ability to transfom blemished skin to a clear, healthy complexion. A four step regime draws out impurities, treats the bacteria that causes breakouts and follows with gentle rehydration. We’re looking forward to a flawless spring!

Available from chemists nationwide, and Boots.

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