Mimi ON Mar 13, 2017 AT 10:59 am

By Chrissy Iley

Today I woke up with a hangover and got the opportunity to go straight back in my own bed while being treated to a facial by Emma Brown. What could be better than a facial in your own bed? What could be better than Emma’s amazing massage strokes and moves?

She starts off gentle, making you feel like a cat having its chin and cheeks gently stroked.  You lie there thinking now I know why cats like this.  You’re almost purring.  Then there’s something she calls the Facial Whip as she whips up your cheeks as if whipping a meringue.  Not savagely, but skilfully.


She goes through two exfoliations, the first of which is a kind of scrub, the second of which reaches deep down and along with her expert fingers seem to completely resurface your skin.  She does another move which involves acupressure points.  You feel it deeply and I’m calling it crescendo in your temples.  Then she puts on an amazing hyaluronic acid mask which reboots and uplifts and removes stress, years, puffiness, wrinkles.  It works in a flash. Suddenly your cheeks are higher, tighter, smoother, plumper and this all happens in your own home for what I think is very reasonable £60.  This is not just any old facial.  Emma’s hands have helped the likes of Poppy Delevingne and family, Nicky and Mrs Hilton and Leah Wood.

Emma is the sort of person who slips into your house like a friendly cat except you want her to stroke you.  She puts you at ease instantly and you look at Emma’s own skin and you want it for yourself.  She is the best advert for her own business.  Her skin is flawless.  Everything about her impeccable and as I was closing the door to say goodbye, I was already wanting her to come back again soon.  She does massage and nails as well so I might try that next time.


M: O7957690677

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