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Hydrofloatation Baths

Hydrofloatation Baths

By Emma Skipper

It had been a while since I had taken a trip to a Spa, so getting the offer to come down and sample what the Kalmora Spa had to offer was a blessing!

The Kalmora Spa is situated just outside Goudhurst in Kent and is part of the Kalmora Spa Group. The spa is within an industrial-looking building, but don’t let that put you off, the spa’s interior is incredibly welcoming and the staff are delightful.

I had three treatments during my stay; a Hydroflotation bath, Aquablitz Facial and Lava Shells massage and all three were fantastic. The treatment that really stood out for me however, was the Hydroflotation bath.

Aquablitz Facial

Aquablitz Facial

Now, I’ve heard mixed rumours of these baths. The water has Dead Sea Salt in such high concentrations that you float effortlessly within the bath, leaving you to relax 100%. Previous reports from colleagues mentioned that the floatation itself actually hurt your neck, however at Kalmora Spa there was a waterproof pillow so this wasn’t a problem.

I was thoroughly impressed with this treatment. The effortless floating meant that I zoned out within seconds and was left feeling completely relaxed and reenergised. The salt also acts as a healing promoter so all my aches, pains, and any cuts I had healed super fast afterwards… despite hurting when I actually entered the bath!

The Aquablitz facial was my next treatment and it left my skin feeling fantastic. The facial uses a mild sucking instrument that worked on increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage so that your skin is left feeling plump and supple. I suffer from sensitive skin and prefer to steer clear of harsh cleansing facials so this one was perfect and my skin felt plump from days… the perfect solution to my dehydrated skin from my recent long-haul flight.

Lava Shells Treatment

Lava Shells Treatment

My final treatment – which nearly finished me off for the day I was so relaxed (!) – was the Lava Shells massage. This was my least favourite treatment of the day as I prefer a more invasive massage that really sorts out knots and tension. However if you love a gentle massage then this is definitely for you. The treatment involves the Therapist massaging your entire body with Porcelain Lava Shells, which are smoothed, polished and hollow, allowing them to retain their heat internally for the full hour and meaning your massage is not interrupted.

The Shells themselves felt great however for the really hard knots, it would have been nice for some more intensive manipulation.

I’d definitely recommend heading down to Kalmora; the staff are lovely and the prices are very good for the treatment you receive. Plus you can buy vouchers for the Spas which would be a fab Christmas gift , especially if the recipient lived in the area.

Kalmora Spa,
Goudhurst Kent
Spa House,
Winchet Hill,
Kent TN17 1JY

They also offer a luxurious range of ‘Spa Retreat’ packages including The Kalmora Bride and Bridal Party, The Kalmora Detox Kickstart and The Kalmora Mum-to-be.

Kalmora Spa’s are also situated within Debenhams Pymouth and Browns in Chester. Readers can either go on line or ring  01580 212953  for their nearest spa.

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