Review: Sabai Leela Thai Massage

Mimi ON Feb 13, 2012 AT 9:39 am

By Emma Skipper

My need for an intense massage normally comes about twice a year – normally around awards season and fashion weeks, as I’m furiously slumped over my computer writing up red carpet roundups and show reports – and this year has been no different. Last week my shoulder pain (*slaps own wrist for not having better typing posture*) was becoming unbearable so I snapped up the opportunity to head down to Sabai Leela Health Spa in Earl’s Court for a Thai Massage.

Sabai Leela

Sabai Leela

Sabai Leela Health Spa is great looking spa on Old Brompton Road founded by Orachit “Amie” Sommung, offering a whole range of treatments aimed at providing an engerising Eastern approach to health and wellness. It has tidy and well presented treatment rooms with en-suite showers, a lovely changing room with lockers, a Sauna and Steam Room and a manicure station and lounging area in the shop front. I arrived a bit early for my treatment to have a quick tour of the premises and was very impressed. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff are really lovely and attentive. Having had the tour I went straight into the changing room to change into a complimentary robe and slippers (you can also have a sauna beforehand to relax your muscles – something I wish I’d done!) and head into a treatment room for my Thai Massage.

I was slightly on edge as my first and only experience of Thai Massage was slightly disconcerting… and painful. I wasn’t expecting the all over body pummeling that it entailed but was pleasantly surprised at the lasting effects the treatment had on me in the days afterwards. Hence, this time, I was fully prepared for the potential discomfort. My masseuse began by massaging my skin dry, really getting into the roots of my muscular tension. Having done that she then gave a full body massage with oil and got to work on properly manipulating the problem areas. Not beating around the bush, it wasn’t relaxing – but then I don’t think Thai Massage ever is. However, my masseuse really was very good, identifying all my major problem areas without asking and she was completely sympathetic if I said it hurt too much.

I’d 100% recommend having a Thai Massage at Sabai Leela Health Spa. It might not be fun during the treatment, however the surroundings are really relaxing and the staff are brilliant. I left, having had a complimentary cup of the most delicious detox tea imported from Thailand, feeling completely rejuvenated and supple. Plus, the lasting effects have been great. I’d thoroughly recommend going more than twice a year like me, as I’m confident with more regular treatments each session would be far less painful.

The day spa also offers waxing, facials, manicure and pedicures, along with acupuncture and reflexology.

Sabai Leela Health Spa
282 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 9HR

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