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Mimi ON Nov 04, 2010 AT 4:05 pm

Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Salad

Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Salad

by Debbie Djordjevic

Winter brings wrapping up and forgetting all about body shape for a few cold months. What it also means is that mark my words, at some point,we’ll all need to bare the flesh again for those winter parties . My staple party dresses are definitely slim-fit so being asked to sample a detox diet with The Pure Package and having their fresh meals land on my doorstep overnight for a few days seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick-start a pre-party regime.

Detoxing works by limiting the toxins entering your body which helps to eliminate the toxins already there allowing it to cleanse, heal and replenish and hopefully lose a few pounds in the process. The Detox Diet from The Pure Package is not a crash diet but as it’s lower in calories and packed with nutrients provided by fruit, nuts, vegetables and wholegrain along with much needed proteins, it will at least make you feel less sluggish and bloated and will help you lose a few pounds.

Really it’s a three week programme (one week detox and two weeks gradually reintroducing things little by little) but I tried it for three days which allowed me to get into the habit of eliminating harmful foods. I found once I’d got into the swing of things and understood the process, it was fairly easy to continue with my own routine after finishing the diet.  The eliminated foods are not surprising really, sugar, meat, cow’s dairy, gluten (which causes bloating) and what they call ‘nightshades’ like peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and potatoes which can all trigger inflammation. They also cut out mushrooms, smoked foods and of course those two toxic ingredients alcohol and caffeine.

So what’s left? A surprising amount actually. Between midnight and 6am I was delivered a fresh cool box with everything needed for that day and a personalised menu of what was in store – it was a real treat to open the front door and find everything there readily prepared. Three meals are catered for with a few fresh snacks thrown in throughout the day so I never felt starving and the meals are surprisingly delicious. My favourites across the three days were definitely the banana & strawberry oat pot which had fresh fruit blended with sheep’s yogurt and rice puffs which really was like eating ice-cream for breakfast, the fresh mackerel salad with chickpeas (which was so filling) and the teriyaki tofu with cashew nuts, rice and broccoli in a light teriyaki dressing.

Mixed Chopped Fruit with Raw Nuts

Mixed Chopped Fruit with Raw Nuts

And what was the effect? To be honest I was expecting there to be a downside to a detox. I’ve been known to have headaches and mood swings when I give up sugar and coffee (I’m at least a four cup a day girl) and most diets leave me growling by about 6pm when my blood sugar is low. Amazingly I didn’t miss either the sugar or the caffeine, no cravings, no bad temper, a slight headache on the second morning but that’s about it. I did feel like my system had been ‘cleansed’, my headcold disappeared (could have been coincidental but you never know) and although I don’t feel like I lost any weight my stomach was definitely flatter and I’ve started a bit more of a healthy diet to shift those stubborn pounds before I hit the town to party.

If you want to start a detox yourself here is a quick guide.

1. Don’t skip meals – you should have at least three meals and two snacks a day.

2. Maintaining protein intake is important so your body doesn’t crave it and draw on your liver. Get your protein from oily fish and small amounts of white meat.

3. You also need essential fats which again you’ll get from oily fish but also nuts and seeds.

4. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables avoiding red ones like peppers and tomatoes. Try blueberries which are one of the best anti-oxidents. Broccoli is a super food which helps the liver produce enzymes to get rid of toxins.

5. Cut out sugar in drinks and foods. Eliminate caffeine. Take exercise and drink lots of water.

For more on general healthy eating advice visit the NHS website.

Check out the range of diets on www.purepackage.com or to get further information. They are based in London’s New Covent Garden so unfortunately only deliver within the M25. They will provide just one meal for £9.50 but a 10 day full programme which provides you with every meal and snack is £399.50. A ‘no breakfast’ alternative for 10 days is £359.50 and if you want to have breakfast but drop either lunch or dinner the cost is £339.50. The Pure Package can provide meals for up to 90 days should you want to follow a full weight loss programme.

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