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Food Secret

Food Secret

Thinking of a fresh start with a detoxifying regimen? Check out the line-up of super foods at the new Soho eatery Food Secret. This health-minded restaurant packs a punch with handpicked ingredients to help you cleanse and purify your body. They offer everything from Detox Soup—with shitake mushrooms and roasted broccoli—to a Saintly Ginger and Lemon Barley Water, and all menu items can be tailored to your tastes. It has even made its way on to our favourite lunchtime foodie list.

Try a Detox Soup

Try a Detox Soup

Food Secret founder Sergio Mottola has teamed up with nutritionist Kate Cook to help demystify the detox lifestyle for people everywhere. They stress that this process can rejuvenate the body, improving energy, mood, and even weight loss.

They recommend you follow these Top 10 tips for at least one week to start seeing the benefits:

1. Start the day with a cleansing mug of hot water with ¼ squeezed lemon, a slice of root ginger and a pinch of cayenne pepper. (Beyonce springs to mind)

2. Eat a fruit-based breakfast, such as stewed or fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt, or a freshly made smoothie.

Detox with Food Secret

Detox with Food Secret

3. Stay well hydrated, so drink at least 2 litres of water daily. Fresh juices are also fantastically nourishing and cleansing so aim to drink one fresh juice daily – ideally on an empty stomach. Herbal teas are good too. When it’s cold, a warming drink is uplifting and helps you steer away from the caffeine.

4. Eat mainly fresh food in its natural unprocessed state and cook by steaming, lightly boiling or poaching rather than frying.

5. Choose freshly prepared food. A diet full of vibrant fruit, healthy whole grains and vegetables will help your body detoxify.

6. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, aiming for more if you can. For lunch and dinner, ensure at least 60% of your plate is vegetables and eat a variety of colours.

7. Try to eat a wide variety of different foods and limit sugar and refined carbohydrates.

8. Eat a great breakfast with plenty of protein – it will help you feel energetic throughout the day.

9. Ensure you are consuming a varied diet of lentils, chickpeas, eggs, fish, beans, tempeh (fermented tofu), quinoa, seeds and nuts, which are all good sources of protein.

10. Incorporate lifestyle factors into your regimen to support the process: get a good night’s sleep, take a yoga class and treat yourself to a massage or sauna.

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