Posh Pick’n'Mix

John Gregory-Smith ON Apr 01, 2010 AT 3:44 pm

Posh Pick'n'Mix

If, like me, you’ve got childhood memories of popping down the sweet shop before getting the bus home and stocking up on sweets like fruit salads, black jacks, the superior fizzy bottles or wham bars, then you’ll love this brand.

To be honest it’s been years since I have seriously thought about Pick’n’Mix, but I was sent a load of them by the lovely guys at Posh Pick and Mix and it got me all nostalgic.

Posh Pick and Mix has a huge selection of the best retro sweets and loads of new ones. It’s very cool; you pick your jar, pick your sweets and then write the label and they post it to you within 48 hours.

Prices start at £15 a jar and you get loads in there.I can’t recommend the fruit salads and wham bars enough (sadly my 4 year old niece realised pretty quickly her favourite uncle would not be sharing them even with her!)


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