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Mimi ON Mar 10, 2010 AT 6:42 pm

By Debbie Djordjevic
Home delivered diets can vary enormously in terms of price and quality – most that I’ve tested in the past have worked but, as they say, you get what you pay for. So I was keen to put a diet that claims to be a cut above the rest to the test…

Ruby Wax, Erin O’Connor and Hugh Jackman have all become fans of The Pure Package whether shaping up for an awards ceremony or losing a few inches for a new role. A-listers like these will look for quality and The Pure Package really has this in spades.

But why was I so impressed?
1. Someone described the meals as being ‘restaurant standard’ and they are just that. Pretty on the plate as if served from a quality kitchen – something you don’t expect from a meal that emerges from a cool-box.
2. Daily delivery to the doorstep before 6am guarantees freshness and no waiting around for delivery men – or filling your fridge with a few days worth at a time.
3. Personal telephone support helps make sure you choose the right menu for your needs.
But what about the food?
I only trialled the service for a couple of days but I never went hungry. The menus are all based around a balance of foods that will maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day. This gives you more energy which reducing cravings and mood swings. It’s all about eating little and often while getting into good habits in terms of snacking. Portions are controlled but were generous and there was lots of variety.
Most of us are aware and care about where our food is sourced but The Pure Package are based at New Covent Garden Market so their produce is bought daily directly from the growers themselves. When cooked it’s ‘blast chilled’ for freshness and the flavour really is retained.
Give me an idea of a menu?
Breakfasts include freshly made Muesli with apple and banana or sautéed wild mushrooms on organic rye-bread with roast tomatoes. Snacks range from crudités and sweet corn salsa to apple and pecan nuts. Lunches can often be eaten hot or cold – I particularly liked the organic salmon and spelt past salad with a fresh dill dressing. Dinner added some spice to the day – lime and coriander chicken was definitely top of my list and was served with healthy broccoli and cauliflower. And the chocolate mousse? Heavenly.

Any other details?
Unfortunately the service is mainly available within the M25. Prices are not cheap but you do get very good quality food and a support service. The price ranges from £309.50 for a 10 day programme of breakfast plus either a lunch or a dinner to £2,695.50 for 3 meals a day for 90 days.
There are special diets for pre and post baby, skin and ageing and even a brain balance diet.
Visit for further details.

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