Rosie Tratt on Breast Cancer 2

Mimi ON Oct 26, 2010 AT 4:16 pm

Rosie Tratt

Rosie Tratt

Today’s post from Rosie Tratt is all about a quick lesson in boobs and there’s an audio clips from someone truly inspirational…

By Rosie Tratt

I’m 29 and I’ll admit I don’t check my breasts regularly, so I’m a fine one to talk, however, I am aware of what’s normal for me. 

breast check

It’s important to press quite hard when checking your boobs

I know that a week or so before my period my boobs start to swell and feel heavier, more achy and sensitive when touched.  I also know I prefer the way my boobies look at the time of the month; rounder, fuller and more pert…

Anyway I digress.

Knowing what’s normal for you is just the start of being breast aware, but there’s more to it than that and every woman should be in the know. 

My blog is a great place to start as I’ve been busy interviewing top researchers and survivors about the advice they’re keen to share.  I’m posting new audio every day this week.

Click here to continue reading this article and listen to the inspirational interview clip…

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