Rosie Tratt on Breast Cancer

Mimi ON Oct 25, 2010 AT 6:13 pm

Rosie Tratt

Rosie Tratt

Rosie loves learning about how our minds, bodies and souls work and has created a series of audio packages for you lovely lot, all about breast cancer awareness.

By Rosie Tratt

It’s when we become extra aware of the real-life stories, the affects and the statistics surrounding breast cancer.

Not only a month when huge amounts of money is raised for vital research, but also when vital awareness is hugely raised.

Breast cancer may have had an affect on your life, it may not…  the fact is, the number of women getting it is on the rise.

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

My good friend Ali Booker passed away on the 1st of July this year.  She was one of the many wonderful and beautiful women in the world who’ve died because of this disease and it seems so tremendously unjust, words can’t even begin to go there.

So why do women get breast cancer? And will a cure be found?…

To continue reading Rosie’s post and listen to her audio CLICK HERE..

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