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Mimi ON Jun 29, 2011 AT 2:23 pm

Cleansing Kisses

Cleansing Kisses

If you’re jetting off somewhere super-glam for the summer, or simply catching a long weekend with sand and sun, it’s always fun to pick up some beauty treats from the country you’re holidaying in. Some of my favourite ever beauty products have been found this way, and the further you go, the stranger the finds!

Only In America

Icy Eye Sheet

Icy Eye Sheet

I found these sweet little cherry-scented soap leaves on a quick LA stop-over; they smell exactly like cherry candy and melt down perfectly when you combine with hot water to give a proper hand wash. They’re fun every single time you use them and perfect for festivals and other hard-to-wash places, like the beach.

Cleansing Kisses, $3.99.

Treat Sheet

The Japanese are crazy for sheet masks, so it is common to be able to buy them singly rather than in a set. This one from Kobayashi is called Icy Eye Sheet, and of course, is to de-puff the eye area – perfect if you’ve just flown in on the red-eye. It contains water and menthol, so probably best not to use if your skin is ultra-sensitive.

Approx. £2.50.

Miss Frou Frou

Miss Frou Frou

Diva Down Under

If you happen to be heading off to Australia, don’t miss cult nail range, Miss Frou Frou.

Worn by Cate Blanchette, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, it’s the nail polish brand that everyone wants to get hold of and is known for its wow colours and durability.

Approx Aus $24.95.

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