Running Wild for Yoga (cont.)

Mimi ON Apr 11, 2011 AT 3:20 pm

Yoga at Evolve

Yoga at Evolve

As a runner, I assumed that my muscles would be in prime condition flexed, stretched and ready for anything.  How wrong I was.  My session at Evolve allowed me to open up my joints and muscles in ways that even a sports massage couldn’t do.   Not only does yoga help your suppleness but the yoga asanas keep you centred and strong as well.  ‘The standing warrior postures and one-leg balances translate particularly well into strong quads, glutes and ankles for running’ says Laura.

But physical endurance is only half the battle when running the marathon.  The mental strength required is something that takes months to build up and that ‘just keep running’ will power can be built upon in yoga too.  As Laura says, ‘Yoga is all about staying relaxed, listening to your body, being  present, focussing on the process and not becoming impatient for the end result — all you need not to avoid going out too fast and to stay on task when the going gets tough!’

I also tried out a great Dynamic Hatha yoga class with instructor Dora Jane Winter at Evolve, from which I left feeling energised, relaxed and well exercised, a very similar feeling to the one I get after going for a run.   Although my limbs feel stiff the day after yoga, the benefits to my running have been enormous.  My hamstrings are pain free and my core strength lasts and lasts during my long runs.

Whether I’ll be practising my inner control and focus at mile 26, well, you’ll have to come and watch me to find out!

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Laura Denham Jones/ Yoga for Runners:

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