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Mimi ON Apr 11, 2011 AT 3:21 pm

Evolve Wellness Centre

Evolve Wellness Centre

by Katie Service

My name is Katie Service and I am addicted to running.

I wasn’t always like this.  I used to hate running and would gladly skive a PE class at school in favour of catching up on the latest episode of Neighbours.  At Uni I started to pile on the beer pounds and so I took up going for short jogs to keep the weight off.  Things started to go downhill, or rather ‘uphill’, from there and before I knew it I had run a 10k and then a half marathon and then a full marathon last Spring!  Running became my drug, my addiction.

Yoga at Evolve

Yoga at Evolve

In just under a week I shall be running in my second Virgin London Marathon and despite the comforting knowledge that I have done it before I have found the training more difficult this year.   My legs, knackered from last year’s attempt, have been complaining all sorts; knots have accumulated in my back and blisters on my toes.  I needed to find another form of exercise to alleviate the strain of running on my legs but keep me fit and supple.

So I took myself off to Evolve Wellness Centre to try some yoga.  This beautiful white and pale wood muse house is an amazingly peaceful environment for a location in the centre of busy South Kensington.  I have to admit, I am rather drawn to a place that positively encourages not wearing shoes indoors.  Removing my heels was the first step to my unwinding first session at Evolve.

It is from here that Laura Denham Jones runs her specialised Yoga for Runners classes.  I have always slightly cast yoga aside as something only skinny models and yummy mummies do to keep their already toned tummies in bikini shape.   On the contrary Laura told me ‘Yoga provides a real variety of benefits to runners.  Runners often start practicing yoga to stretch, release lactic acid and reduce the chance of injury.’

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