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Mimi ON Feb 25, 2011 AT 2:07 pm

Guiliana Rancic at last years Oscars in Gustavo Cadille

Guiliana Rancic at last years Oscars in Gustavo Cadille

We’ve managed to get hold of the awards season’s reporting dream team, E!’s Ryan Secreast and Guiliana Rancic, and they’ve answered some of our most pressing questions about the events they cover:

On Fashion:

You tend to do all the fashion stuff, while Ryan does more interviews with the stars? Who do you think has the best job of the two of you?

Guiliana – Me, for sure. I adore fashion and have all my life, so it is natural that I would take the lead on that. But I also get to interview top stars as well, so I really have the best of both worlds.

Do you do any special preparation regarding FASHION for the Red Carpet? Do you read up on designers, or have people working for you who try to find out who will be wearing what so that you are prepared?

– Yes, we have a fashion squad that is devoted to learning who will be wearing what leading up to the big day. I like to know the designers, trends, colors and silhouettes that are going to be the most prominent on the carpet beforehand so I can let the audience know what to expect.

Ryan Seacreast at last year's Oscars

Ryan Seacreast at last year's Oscars

Who do you think are the most elegant/fashionable male and female celebs, who never disappoint on the Red Carpet?

Ryan – In just a few short years, Anne Hathaway has really become one of the fashionistas to watch. Among the guys, Clooney and Pitt never seem to disappoint fans.

Who will you wear for Golden Globes and, if money were no object, which designer would you ask to create an ensemble for you and you alone to wear on the Red Carpet?

– If money were no object, I would love to wear Oscar de la Renta or Valentino. It would be an honor to wear a custom dress by either one of those designers.

Women spend hours readying for the Red Carpet. How about you, Ryan? Any special grooming regime to prepare for the big day?

Ryan – There is not really a day that goes by that I am not on camera, so prepping for it is just part of my daily routine. On Red Carpet days, however, I do try to wait as late as possible to shave since my day starts so early. You just don’t want to hug Meryl Streep with stubble, you know.

Tell us about one of your ‘personal best’ moments on the Red Carpet?

– I was in the middle of interviewing Tom Hanks the year that Halle Berry won for “Monster,” and Halle was walking onto the carpet during my interview with Tom. He is a lovely man and I would never disrespect him, but my producer was screaming in my ear “here comes Halle Berry. Get her!” I thought quickly and said “Tom, have you met Halle Berry,” introducing the two of them right there on E! It turns out they had NOT met before and I was able to really make a great moment out of a potential missed opportunity. Whew!

Live From The Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards, Sunday 27th February at 11pm on E! Entertainment Television (Sky: 151/ Virgin: 156). Find more details at uk.eonline.com

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