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Mimi ON Mar 03, 2011 AT 5:00 pm

OPI and Lena White Nail Apps

OPI and Lena White Nail Apps

OPI and Lena White have brought us nail art without the smudge and we love it… especially since our skills in the nail polishing department are definitely not to pro standard!

Choose between twelve different Nail Apps styles ranging from cute hearts, sexy tiger stripes, and punk rocker designs. They are super simple to apply and still give your talons a chic look for half the price of a salon visit.

These art decals are sure to have your friends amazed asking you who did your fabulous new mani. Plus OPI and Lena White have made it even easier to get great looking nails without having to wait around for your nails to dry! All you have to do is stick them on to your nails, file down to fit your natural shape and you’ve got fab polish for 1-2 days!

So save the smudges and your precious time and get these fab nail art adhesives from OPI and Lena White.

Nail Apps designs

Nail Apps designs

Nail Apps £13.80,

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