BATD ON Apr 21, 2010 AT 10:22 am

Seche Perfect Range

So, who doesn’t love Seche Vite; the ultra speedy quick dry top coat that’s graced the talons of many celebrities? Now Seche has turned it’s hand to power-packed nail treatments that bring your tips back into line in no time at all with Seche Perfect.

Seche Recondition gives brittle and fragile nails flexibility by replenishing natural moisture; Seche Rebuild strengthens weak, thin or peeling nails, while Seche Retain maintains to keep nails strong and durable with continued conditioning. We hate to even chip our polish, so image what happens if we break a nail!

We’re loving this range for limiting our chances of nail related melt-downs.

Each treatment costs £11.95 – look out for it from the end of May.

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