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Edward Bess

Edward Bess

After months of anticipation, Edward Bess is finally here! Until now, this ultra chic and incredibly exclusive makeup line was only available at Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York. However, as of Friday, you can now find it at!

The first word that comes to mind when looking at Edward Bess makeup is ‘sophisticated’. From the heavy black lacquer packaging to the elegant colour palette (dusty greys, flattering neutrals and the odd dash of blood red), everything screams Luxe.

Bess himself describes his range as a ‘pared down, edited and concise line’ and that’s the beauty of it. Not only do the products astonish in their quality and depth, the range of products isn’t overwhelming like MAC or NARS. This truly is foolproof makeup for any woman who wants to look incredibly chic with minimal effort.

All Over Seduction

All Over Seduction

As for the man himself, Edward Bess is as intriguing as his eponymous makeup line. With his paper white skin, soft wavy hair and delicate features, he looks as though he was ripped straight out of a Stephanie Myers’ fantasy. No wonder, then, that his first spell in London was as a model at 17-years-old. Now at the ripe old age of 24(!), Bess has a successful makeup line with sights set on expanding both his range (Edward Bess nailpolish, anyone?) and his market, starting with his partnership with Zuneta.

What’s instantly apparent with Bess is that he loves women and he loves to make them look gorgeous. According to him, makeup is ‘an experience every morning and I want to make it the ultimate luxury experience.’ Speaking of women, if the models on his website look familiar, that’s because all three stunning women are in fact Edward’s sisters – never have we felt such gene-envy!

Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe

Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe

Our picks from the line?

The Nude Satin Lipgloss (£22) is one of the first products to be launched by Bess, Nude Satin is a beautiful suits-everyone nude colour with his signature Wild Fig scent (no cheap-o vanilla here!).

When we asked Bess about his favourite products, he couldn’t enthuse enough about the All Over Seduction (£29) which is an all purpose balm that can be used to highlight cheeks, brows and your cupid’s bow. Applied to the skin, it looks like you have tiny little lightbulbs flashing light off your skin – gorgeous!

And we couldn’t not mention the utterly drool-worthy Lip Wardrobe (£310). This heavy black case is part makeup heaven and part 007 and holds all of the Edward Bess signature lipsticks and lipglosses.

Edward Bess makeup is available to order now here

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