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BATD ON Aug 16, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Nuz Shugaa

Nuz Shugaa

Lying out in the sun all day is perfect for a summer tan, but it can also be bad for your skin. If you’re looking for some great new summer skincare treatments, The Beauty Lounge and renowned celebrity facialist, Nuz Shugaa, have some great options.

This summer they are launching the new Summer Pedicure to keep your toes in top shape. First it begins with a foot soak with Himalayan crystals to detox the skin beneath the foot. Then they use grounded horse chestnut foot scrub which is good for reducing sweating and for its anti-fungal qualities, as well as for dry skin because it only exfoliates away dead skin, unlike most other scrubs. After your toes are polished and beautiful, they apply a Manuka honey foot balm to heal and seal the skin from infection while soothing and cooling your feet. And right before you’re done they spritz on some Rosemary foot spray called Walking on Air to make your feet feel light, airy and relaxed. Even better, all the products are natural and chemical-free without preservatives. This fab Summer Pedicure lasts 45 minutes and costs £45.

Another new treatment we love is the new Green Peel Facial. This brightening facial begins with cleansing pomade and cleansing oils, followed by an organic rejuvenating facial balm and cleansing balm. After the cleansing, they apply a bamboo stem powder to exfoliate as well as pomegranate seeds to brighten your skin. Next is an enzyme mask created from 19 year-old droppings which may sound strange, but it’s essentially a light acid peel, and works wonders to eat away dead skin without needing time to recover from redness/irritation. After, they massage on anti-oxidant oils and olive butter, followed by a rejuvenating oil massage with co-enzymes. Finally, a firming mask is applied to calm and firm your skin, followed by a regenerating radiance cream moisturiser with collagen and vitamin C. This organic Green Peel Facial is perfect for anti-aging and is a great healer for the skin. The treatment last 30 minutes and costs £100 pounds if done by renowned Nuz Shugaa, or £50 if done by a facialist at The Beauty Lounge.

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