Sisley Botanical D-Tox Treatment

BATD ON Feb 21, 2013 AT 1:52 pm

Whilst we may not have seen the backend of winter just yet, now is the ideal time to start a spring skin clean. Because no matter how meticulous you are during the winter months, smothering skin with regenerating serums, moisture-boosting creams and regularly exfoliating with an armful of alpha hydroxy acids, an overhaul is the only way for fresh, plumped and revitalised skin to re-emerge.

Sadly, skin-recharging doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re equipped with the new Sisley Botanical D-Tox Treatment however, it will happen within a month. The potent detoxifier which blends extracts of rice peptide, eikorn wheat, ginkgo biloba and a combination of sage, rosemary, lavender and marjoram essential oils, works by eliminating toxins from cells, through a process of stimulating the skin’s microcirculation.

Sisley Botanical D-Tox Detoxifying Night Treatment

Applied to skin at night, the lightweight, serum-textured treatment works as a high-performance refresher. Erasing signs of fatigue, eliminating congestion and blocked pores whilst also revitalising and brightening a dulled, tired face, the D-Tox Treatment is ideal for end-of-season skin.

Sisley Botanical D-Tox Detoxifying Night Treatment, £143

To discover the new D-Tox Treatment for yourself pop down to Sisley’s pop-up in Selfridge’s Beauty Hall between 21st February and 6th March to experience a complimentary skin consultation by Sisley skincare specialists, whilst enjoying a bespoke Skin D-Tox juice as created by Radiance Juices.

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