Skin Boosting Booze

Mimi ON May 10, 2018 AT 12:26 pm

by Debbie Djordjevic

With so many different gins on the market from all over the world it’s hard to stand out these days. However there is a new gin on the block, Collagin, which not only contains some unusual flavours but is beneficial to your skin!


Collagin has had marine collagen added – this particular collagen is proven to hydrate skin and to give your skin even more of a boost is also has some anti-aging ingredients like witch hazel, green tea and grapefruit. Over 11 botanicals are mixed with orange, juniper and earthy liquorice flavours which sets it apart from all other gins on the market. It can be served the traditional way with a healthy glug of tonic water, or you can mix things up with the addition of sparkling elderflower.

This smooth and fragrant gin is distilled in the Midlands so is a British gin through and through. Collagin is available now for £34.99 for 50cl. It is not suitable for vegetarians and includes Collagen. Available from

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