Skin Rejuvination: Philips ReAura Review Part III

BATD ON Dec 15, 2012 AT 3:22 pm

Creams and serums can be very effective in the battle against skin ageing but there is a limit to how much effect they will have in the longer term. Whether your problem is early ageing (lines, wrinkles, a loss of elasticity) or more long-term damage including deep wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation, but don’t want to go down the cosmetic procedures route, the Philips ReAura is well worth considering.

Get clear, even-toned skin with Philips ReAura

The revolutionary light treatment, Philips ReAurais endorsed by leading Harley Street cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting. It is the first home treatment of it’s kind to come to the UK and is clinically proven to achieve positive skincare results – in fact 93% of users said that there was a visible improvement. So we were keen to put it through it’s paces and a willing tester rigorously followed a regime over a month to fully appreciate the benefits.

Our tester found that if she stuck to using it regularly, her skin had not just started to look better but the signs of ageing like fine lines and dullness had noticeably diminished. Lines around her eyes and forehead were far less visible to the point that our tester actually plumped for a foundation-free face on days that weren’t just gym-days!

She likened using the ReAura to having a weekly facial – but one that didn’t bring out spots. Her skin felt smoother to the touch and people complimented her on both her skin and even said she was looking less tired.

Although at first she was quite apprehensive, she found that following the DVD really helped to reassure her that the prickling sensation, warmed skin and redness was completely normal and, as expected, it had all subsided by the following morning.  She also found that the machine wouldn’t allow her to overdo things anyway so there was no danger of damaging her skin.

ReAura is £799 and available to purchase at space:nk.


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