Skin Saviour: iS Clinical Active Serum

Mimi ON Aug 01, 2013 AT 9:44 am

iS Clinical Active Serum

The summer sun, along with feel-good vibes and a general sense of well-being, can also bring on an onslaught of skin woes. A combination of sunscreen, heat and make up can cause all manner of flushing, blocked pores and congestion – not exactly the healthy, glowing skin you associate with a carefree summer!

Luckily, for those with reactive skin that is prone to flaring, I have discovered something of a miracle worker from iS Clinical by way of its Active Serum.

A powerful, but surprisingly gentle, cocktail of salicylic (white willow bark), glycolic (sugar cane extract), lactic (bilberry extract) and kojic (mushroom extract) acids work to exfoliate skin, speed up cell renewal and heal imperfections.  Smoothed onto clean, dry skin each night, or simply daubed over problem areas, the serum is easily absorbed, tingling on contact – thanks to the high grade active ingredients – and soaking into the epidermis for deep, cellular results. Getting to work over night, iS Clinical’s mulitpurpose fomula won’t strip skin of natural oils. But what it will do, quite simply, is effectively treat any and all of your skin woes; from pigmentation and acne to fine lines, uneven skin tone and wrinkles – giving you your most comforted, balanced and glowing summer skin yet.

iS Clinical Active Serum, from £59

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