Skinn by Dimitri James

Chrissy ON Feb 18, 2013 AT 10:35 am

by Chrissy Iley

For a while a friend of mine had been raving about Skinn cosmetics. She had bought them online and raved about their transformational qualities and reasonable price.

I rarely buy make-up or skincare online unless I know the product. There’s something about feeling the texture, the exact tone and placing the product on your skin that’s an essential part of buying beauty.

But determined to convert me my friend gave me a trial of the microdermabrasion treatment. I was impressed with its salon quality and the way it left my skin tight and smooth.

I looked into Dimitri James, Skinn’s professional make-up artist founder, and saw that both his mother and two grandmothers were European-trained aestheticians, and he’s definitely inherited the genes.

He has worked with Estée Lauder, Chanel, Revlon, Lancôme and as a make-up designer for Desperate Housewives and Sex In The City.

3 Minute Lip Party

I couldn’t resist his Lip Party. It’s a mask for lips to plump them out, make them voluminous and juicy looking. You put it on, it tingles, it works. That seduced me into buying a lipstick and lipgloss duo that comes with a tiny mirror on the side to make it very transportable and user friendly.

His other products come with rave reviews. Premium quality for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Skinn by Dimitri James,

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