Slinky vs Sulky

BATD ON Oct 21, 2009 AT 9:10 am

Jergens Natural Skin Firming

Jergens Natural Skin Firming

We know that a sulky face is the worst possible party look, and if your mouth is turned down all because you didn’t get your pins in perfect order before the start of the soirée, then worry not. Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Moisturiser gets everything firmed, tightened and moisturised in double quick time.

Promising to whip your body back to beauty in just two uses, you’ll be able to put away that long sleeved little black dress and start rocking the strapless slip instead.

White tea, aloe and pomegranate
are just some of the power-packed 96% natural ingredients guaranteed to get your slinky look rocking.

At just £4.88Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Moisturiser is a steal.

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