Smell Like the Biebs

BATD ON Oct 26, 2010 AT 3:34 pm

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

It seems there’s just no getting away from Bieber Fever.  Not only is 16-year-old Justin Bieber a singer and actor, he is now looking to add fragrance designer to his resume.  We already told you that he’s lending his song titles to name nail polish colours, well now he’s taken the Bieber Beauty department a step further.  The singer will be designing a fragrance—but with a twist.

Instead of the traditional approach to housing the fragrance in a bottle, the smell will be introduced as infused dog tags and wrist bands.  The fragrance, named after the singer’s current tour, is embedded into a patented resin technology designed to hold the scent for at least one year.

The unisex fragrance will be called My World and is set to be launched in Wal-Mart next month.  Of the scent, Bieber said, “They actually brought me a bunch of stuff to smell…  One of them smelled too young, too fruity.  One was really good.”

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