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BATD ON Feb 16, 2010 AT 11:03 am

The Harajuku Lovers  - The Sunshine Cuties

The Harajuku Lovers - The Sunshine Cuties

Just wait until the Sunshine Cuties collection of Harajuku Lovers hits the shelves – you’ll come over all summery. Pick from Love with her wrap-around (removable) sunglasses and fruity notes or L’il Angel in a teeny weeny navy blue bikini bursting with citrus and vanilla. Music wears a red hibiscus in her hair and has a flirty, floral edge, Baby’s all in pink with girly flower notes and G wears sporty boy shorts and her scent is musky vanilla.

We love these perfectly pedicured perfumes, and more so for a fabulous gift with purchase from 15th March to 8th April, when, if you spend £25 or more, you’ll bag a beautiful beach towel. Harajuku Lovers £19.50 each from March.

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