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Smooth Infusions Range

Smooth Infusions Range

By Emma Skipper

A few days ago I got the chance to head down to the amazing Aveda Concept Store in High Holborn for a taster of their brand new Smooth Infusions Blow-Dry.

There was a whole group of lovely Handpicked Media bloggers present and as soon as we arrived, having been welcomed with a few nibbles and a glass of champagne, we were all allocated a personal stylist for the evening.

Handpicked Media event at Aveda Concept Store in High Holborn

Handpicked Media event at Aveda Concept Store in High Holborn

We were there to sample the brand new Aveda Smooth Infusion range that has been developed to help create ultra sleek, smooth hairstyles, however unlike normal consultations our stylists were they to actually teach us how to style our own hair as well as help style it themselves… DIY hair styling, I LOVE it!

Firstly we were each taken through our personal hair woes; mine being flat, lacklustre hair that gets a bit too much abuse at weekends! After they’d diagnosed what we needed we were taken over to the wash basins and we all had our hair washed and conditioned using the Aveda range. Surprisingly, my stylist Susannah actually recommended me not use the Smooth Infusion shampoo and conditioner as my hair is super fine and light. I had a lot of respect for this as she was clearly there to take us through the range, but as a pro she obvioiusly knows that this range is for people that want smooth and sleek hair, completely the opposite to how I wanted mine! All the other bloggers however did use the range and I’ve heard glowing reports.

Having had our hair washed she sat me down and began the styling. I wanted big and voluminous, but initially complained I had no idea how to get the effect at home so Susannah took me through how to style my hair using a powerful hairdryer and large, bristled barrel brush… who knew it was actually so easy?! What’s the trick you ask? Well I’m under strict instructions to always dry the hair up… and as ‘up’ as you can get it because if your roots are set away from your scalp they will give you hair more body for longer!

The Aveda products used on my hair in order of use post-shampoo-conditioner

The Aveda products used on my hair in order of use post-shampoo-conditioner

She started by treating my damp hair with the Smooth Infusions Style Prep Smoother (1) that tames frizz, defends against humidity and protects from heat styling. She then part-dried my hair and added the Phomollient mousse (2) in my roots. Next she took my hair in sections and dried each one around the barrel brush, making sure that the roots were set completely against their natural drop. Having finish drying each section she misted some Volumising Tonic (3) through my hair to hold the style and topped it off using potentially my favourite product of them all; the Pure Abundance Hair Potion (4). This amazing product comes out as a powder but sets and a texturising liquid and although doesn’t feel amazing, the results are fab. My hair looked big a voluminous and stayed like that all night!

Aveda - the results

Aveda - the results (l-r: Katie and Emma)

If you need more proof the Smooth Infusions range does the trick, check out Katie’s hair in our final photo… the epitomy of smooth and sleek I think you’ll agree!

The Aveda Concept store is definitely worth a visit and their Smooth Infusions blowdries are amazing and start at a very reasonable £29. Plus throughout January and February 2011 visit any participating Aveda salon and receive a complimentary trio sample pack of Smooth Infusion™ Shampoo, Conditioner and Style Prep Smoother.

Aveda Institute, 174 High Holborn, Covent Garden, WC1V 7AA Tel: 020 7759 7355

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NB: This is a sponsored post

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