Splash-Proof Beauty

Mimi ON Jul 27, 2012 AT 12:17 pm

Panda eyes, salt-chapped lips and melting make up do not a beach babe make.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that going bare-faced is the only option, especially if you’re jetsetting off to the likes of Ibiza or St Tropez, where glamour is  almost expected.

So we challenged writer Emma Parlons to hunt down the water and splash resistant make up marvels that you’ll want in your holiday make up bag.

Splash Proof Beauty

By Emma Parlons.

For the toe dipper:

If you really can’t bare a make-up free face, the brand you need to know about is Diego Dalla Palma, created by the Italian make-up artist to the stars, it has recently launched Make-up Fixer, £11.  Applied as a film, a thin layer fixes your face without drying out your skin, leaving it soft and able to breathe.

For those who like a quick splash:

When the poolside heat becomes too intense, a dip in the ocean really is the only option, in which case Becca’s beach tint £20 is a surefire winner. It is quite simply a wonder product for summer lips and cheeks, offering just the right balance of stain, colour and waterproofing. And for any clever concealing (because truthfully in the sunshine that’s really all that you need), Keromask’s Camouflage Cream £14.99, covers any imperfections without a chalky finish, allowing you to emerge, flawlessly from the water.

 For Olympic-worthy laps:

In my hunt for the best waterproof eyeliner, I honestly couldn’t choose between Smooch’s liquid eyeliner £6.95 and Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pen £9.50 as they are both soft to apply and dramatic in effect.  And, crucially, they won’t budge lap after lap.

Equally stubborn but curiously sweet smelling is Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara £10, but winning lashes-down in first place is the DreamWeave Lash Extension mascara £12. Known as ‘eyelash extensions in a tube’, this lash-enhancing mascara, if you can believe it, lasts up to 3 whole days.

And, finally, if the water’s cold, there’s no excuse for blue lips (whatever the catwalks say – we’re looking at you Mary Katrantzou!) with ArtDeco’s Magic Fix Lipstick sealer £15, which will fix lipstick or stains so there’s no smudging or budging no matter what you get up to in the water.



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