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BATD ON Jan 20, 2009 AT 11:10 am



Hey! It’s the day of the big date; you’re coiffed, washed, waxed and manicured. Your skin’s glowing (with excitement) and your heart is beating a little bit too fast…and then you get The Zit. You know by the time you’ve sat down at the table a deux in the swanky restaurant (pricey, so you know he’s serious) that the champagne won’t be the only thing that needs popping.

And, it won’t be a slightly red pimple; it will be the eight headed monster, naturally. So, that’s why we are very happy that Zeno, the zit -zapping machine, has launched a pocket sized version so at the merest hint of trouble you can heat-ray away the spot from hell ever so discretely; two or three times in a day should be enough to ensure your eruptions are ones of joy and nothing else.

Zeno® Mini is priced at £69.99
Available from

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