Spring Cold-Snap Beauty Heroes

BATD ON Apr 03, 2013 AT 2:05 pm

If nothing else, the prolonged cold snap that is a British winter (and spring) is a true test of a beauty products’ efficacy. And this week whilst we’ve really been seeing, and feeling, the effect of lashing winds, arctic temperatures and drying central heating, we thought we’d share the newly discovered products that are saving our skin, hair, lips and hands from the extremities. . .

(Almost) Spring Skin

Soothing Spritz: Face Matters Anti Ageing Pure Collagen Spritz, £39 Facematters-skincare.com

Cosying up to the radiator may be keeping us toasty, but it’s also severely dehydrating our skin. Shivering the day away is not an option, so instead we’ve been counteracting the effects of central heating by spritzing our faces with this new facial spray from Face Matters. More intense than the water sprays we have to hand during the summer months, this is pure liquid collagen and works to rehydrate and revitalise dry, tired skin whilst stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Face Matters Pure Collagen Spritz

Just Add Oil: Aromatherapy Associates Essential Skincare Face Oils, £39 AromatherapyAssociates.com

An intensive moisturiser or reparative oil is my go-to cure-all for re-balancing a dried-out face. Perfect for night time when you can slip under the covers and let the balmy, rich textures work their magic but come day, the thought of slathering skin with shine-inducing product is a little less appealing. But not this line of treatment face oils from Aromatherapy Associates which I have been adding to my daily moisturiser as a moisture booster. Choose from the anti-ageing Fine Line, Revitalising, Refining or Nourishing oils.

Aromatherapy Associates Essential Skincare Face Oil


Hair Hero: Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalising Moisture Mist, £20 Ojon.co.uk

Most of the moisture treatments that really work to revive  hair tend to need washing-out or are designed for still-damp hair. But Ojon’s miracle hair mist uses the power of Ojon oil, Blue Agave, lemongrass and ginseng to boost, rehydrate, detangle and restyle dry hair. There’s not a hint of tacky, sticky or stiffness, and thanks to the featherlight texture you can spritz from root to tip without worry of excess product weighing down hair or leaving it feeling anything less-than-fresh. Oh and the scent makes it almost more addictive than the hair-repairing effect, almost.

Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalising Moisture Mist


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