Spring Skincare Prescription

Mimi ON May 16, 2012 AT 9:32 am

Fresh Spring Skin

Spring skin should be clear, glowing and gloriously plumped but after a long, cold winter it has a notorious habit of looking dull, grey and somewhat lacklustre instead. So, as the weather warms up, it’s time to rid both your skin and bathroom cupboard of the rich, heavy products that spent the winter months nourishing and hydrating and replace them instead with a streamlined skincare routine of gentle exfoliators, light moisturising fluids, gels and serums.


This should be your first port of call in sloughing away the build up of dead skin cells that form as protection from the blistering cold and drying central heating. For a powerful yet gentle exfoliator, forego buffing beads of particles, which can actually cause minute scratched to the top layer of skin, and instead opt for products that contain AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids), natural fruit acids or glycolic aicds, all of which will whisk away dull skin without irritation, to reveal a bright and glowing complexion.

Celebrity facialist, Nuz Shugaa, recommends Jean D’Esprees Paris Mousse Gommage Magique £38, a light mousse that when continually buffed into dry skin, thickens to a gloriously foamy consistency and when removed with a hot cloth or flannel reveals skins’ true clarity and instantly boosts radiance.


Maintaining a regular cleansing regime is as important in the summer months as at any other time, except that when the sun is shining outside speed is of utmost importance. We recommend investing in a Clarisonic £120. Although somewhat pricey, we guarantee that it will totally revolutionise your skincare routine. Whizzing across your skin in a matter of minutes, the Clarisonic gently exfoliates and cleanses skin of all make up, dirt and debris, leaving it squeaky clean and prepped for any treatment product to come.

As for what cleansers to use alongside it simply stick to foaming gels, liquid milks or even light oils. We’re big fans of the Sophyto Natural Glycolic Foaming Cleanser £16.30. Not only is it soap, paraben and fragrance-free and therefore gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins, it is also blended with organic raw sugar cane and apple fruit enzymes which work as gentle exfoliators for an added cleansing boost.

Spring Skincare Prescription


This is undoubtedly a step that you may consider to be old-fashioned and unnecessary in a modern and streamlined skincare routine. But as Nuz explains, ‘Whilst it may seem to be just another skincare step, coming towards the summer, toners work to keep skin cool, tighten pores and can work wonders on oily and congestion-prone skins to clarify.’ No longer the astringent and tightening waters that you may recall from your youth, the new generation of toners leave skin comforted and balanced.

Nuz recommends the Inlight Organic Floral Face Tonic £21, a 100% organic, hydrating water that contains Rose for toning, Lavender for cell regeneration and Grapefruit extract for its’ antiseptic properties. “To use, simply dampen a cotton wool pad and gently pat the tonic over the skin”


Treat skin problems or simply boost skin’s clarity, texture and radiance by using a weekly face mask. A favourite of Nuz is the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask  £65. Containing brightening liquorice and minerals to cleanse, the rather satisfying ‘peel off’ mask lifts off excess oil and impurities whilst decongesting to leave skins texture visibly brightened and boosted. For skin that requires more of a moisture hit, Sisley’s Black Rose Mask is the last word in plumping, brightening and radiance-enhancing for that perfectly balanced and dewy spring skin.

Moisturiser and Sunscreen

“Moisturiser for spring and summer should be suitably light so that skin can breathe in the heat,” explains Nuz. And if you haven’t been using a daily SPF throughout the winter months (tut tut!) now is most definitely the time to include one. Nuz recommends Rodial Glamtox Day SPF 15 £75 which offers light daily sun protection, perfect for spring’s levels of sun exposure together with anti-ageing, wrinkle plumping ingredients for visibly younger looking skin. If you’re loathe to switch from your favourite moisturiser but it doesn’t currently contain a sunscreen we suggest layering Givenchy HydraSparkling Luminescence Moisturising Fluid SPF30 £39 over the top. A sheer SPF addition with the added bonus of a luminous sheen.

Nuz Shugaa, celebrity facialist at The Beauty Lounge, 1c Kingly Court, London. www.beautylounge.co.uk  020 7734 6161

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