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by Chrissy Iley



Sometimes I have days where I feel my face is falling off. It looks loose and puffy all at the same time. It was on one such day that I saw news of Sqoom – a new concept in skincare. It talked of a revolution in skin, a concept that uses a combination of specially formed active gels and a hand held sonic device to massage these gels into the face and penetrate the deepest dermal layers. Immediately I wanted this.

A box arrived with the hand held device, a cleansing gel and for want of a better word, a wrinkle removing gel. There are various settings on the device depending on your skin needs; wrinkles, rosacea, spots and cleansing.

There was a booklet to read about the various settings which was surprisingly uncomplicated. I knew what I was doing. Putting on the gel and then moving it in a small circular action.

The combination of the gel and the massage technology is not just clever, it may as well be sprinkled with magic dust. You don’t feel anything. Well, maybe a slight burr. You can do it two or three times a week.

I like to do it in the morning when I’m half asleep and imagine, as if still in a dream, collagen being reformed and squishing out all wrinkles.

Sqoom gels.

Sqoom gels.

The Sqoom generates one million soft vibrations per second and in this way nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the skin and the blood circulation within the vessels in increased. The lymphatic system is also stimulated.

If I had a pound for how many people have told me I have a sluggish lymphatic system I would be able to do nothing else but Sqoom all day.

My first Sqoomings felt nice but by Sqooming number four my skin started to look more taut. After four weeks of Sqooming my skin looks good.

I hate to use the term glow and radiant when referring to my own skin but other people have done so rather frequently, and now every other day, before I apply my make-up, I say a little thank you prayer to Sqoom. Thank you Sqoom. Thank you for taking anti-aging to the next level.

On one of the Sqoom brochures there is a woman applying the Sqoom to her face. She looks in contemplative ecstasy as she is Sqooming. So silly I thought when I first saw her. Now I think that I probably have that look. I do not want to be without it. it is a psychological tool that helps me face the day and a dramatically youth inducing skin glowing, wrinkle eradicating device.

The founding father of Sqoom is a delightful man called Helmut Schick. I say delightful though I’ve never met him but it was his idea to address a gap in the market of skincare that doesn’t just focus on the use of single products but creates a regime that combines the products with the sonic device. And he has certainly delighted me and apparently others.

Sqoom has finally hit the UK. It is already sold in 40 countries where 80 per cent of people who use one continue purchasing the gels because they’ve seen significant improvement in their skin, especially those who suffered from long-term skin disorders. In other words, once in possession of a Sqoom most people become addicted.

They cost £549 for a device plus two gels. Individual gels are priced from £25, the range is available at Selfridges, find out more at www.sqoom.co.uk.

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