Starry Eyed Surprise

BATD ON Oct 15, 2010 AT 2:22 pm

Starry Eyes trio and eyeliner

Starry Eyes trio and eyeliner

17 have come out with a cracker with their new party season range, Starry Eyes.

The range includes four fab eye shadow trios that include palettes for all tastes and looks. There’s a trio in bold blue (Moondust), earthy green (Galactic), gilted aubergine (Neptune) and smoky graphite (Starstruck) and the formulas are top notch.

Each shade goes on smoothly and doesn’t crease, plus they are über pigment rich so you get some serious shots of colour with each trio.

17 Starry Eyes Range

17 Starry Eyes Range - skin swatches of the shadows and liners

Additionally, the range includes some amazing Glitter Eyeliners that are the perfect addition to your party look. There’s a silver, gold, purple and black shade (purple and black can be seen on my skin swatches) so are the perfect complement to the look you’ve just created with the shadow trios.

BATD HQ recently tried this range out and we’re thoroughly impressed. The range is definitely the perfect way to retain your beauty bag’s quality whilst cutting the costs!

Bring on the Christmas party! We know what we’ll be wearing!

Available nationwide in Boots now.

Starry Nights eyeshadow trios – £4.99

Starry Eyes Glitter Liners – £3.99

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