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BATD ON Jan 20, 2010 AT 11:28 am

Chanel Transfer Tattoos

Chanel Transfer Tattoos

There’s a big beauty buzz about Chanel Temporary Tattoos, launching in March. Apparently, wait-lists are being drawn up as we speak. The transfers come on a sheet of 55 with intricate birds, Chanel rope bracelets, pearls and flowers and yes, we’re loving them.

We’re trying not to wince at the shocking price of £49, but for those of us who’ve longed for a real tattoo but never quite had the courage to permanently tramp-stamp ourselves, it seems a small (ish!) price to pay to play with a trend look.

We’ve already put them to the test and been stopped in the street to ask where we bought them, and can attest that they last a good four days before starting to fade away. Chanel Temporary Tattoos at Selfridges and Chanel Boutiques from 1st March.

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