Stiletto Snow Grips

Mimi ON Jan 30, 2012 AT 9:30 am

Avoid icey stiletto slip ups this winter with the new AA's new high heel snow grips

AA's new high heel snow grips

It’s only going to get colder over the next few days so the age old issue of mixing safety with fashion is raising its ugly head.  Teaming snowboots or wellies with office attire or a pretty evening dress doesn’t always quite fit the bill!

If you’d really rather not fall on your face when the road’s ice over, fear not. Those lovely people from the AA have come up with a practical solution that means the only slipping to be done this winter is slipping the heels on our feet.

The AA’s new High Heel Snow Grips fit easily over any shoe giving grip in the snowiest of weathers.  The lightweight, durable grips have steel studs resulting in great traction on any icy surface.  Once safely at your destination, simply slip them off and pop them in your handbag.

The grips come in two sizes – small for size 2-4 and medium for sizes 4.5-7 and cost just £14.99.

Available at now.

Would you want to try them?



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