Stressed Skin? No Worries.

Mimi ON Sep 18, 2013 AT 9:49 am

You’d think that a good, relaxing holiday – not to mention the remnants of a tan –  would be enough to keep you happily floating through September, skin a-glow, lightened hair and that healthy white nail hue that has you foregoing new season inky nail shades for that little bit longer. But then the autumnal chill hits you, the tan vanishes overnight and fashion week stresses set in motion an inner-outer stress scenario which results in pesky skin-probing inflammation, spots and dryness.

Not quite what you had in mind, but exactly what Shiseido had in mind. At least when creating their latest line, Ibuki.

Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Emulsion

A first for the brand, known for its hero Benefiance and Bio-Performance ranges, Ibuki targets a younger age group (24-35 years) who are typically in the throes of stressful, and often self-inflicted, hard-working, hard-playing lifestyles. The impact of this being fragile, weak and sensitised skin, not only blighted by the odd blemish and newly formed wrinkle, but recurring dehydration and dullness, visible pores or excess oil.

And so, having discovered that when young skin becomes stressed its’ cells contract, lose their original shape and the natural protective barrier becomes weak, Shiseido developed a new Shape Memorizing Cell Technology, which, thanks to a combination of botanicals promotes a return to a healthy cell cycle.

Ibuki clears out dead skin cells, stimulates the skin’s natural moisturising abilities and enables cells to happily and effectively renew and regenerate.

So that your skin doesn’t give away just how hard you work – or play.

Shiseido Ibuki range, from £23, available at

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