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Mimi ON Nov 10, 2009 AT 11:29 am

Davines Solu Refreshing Shampoo

Davines Solu Refreshing Shampoo

When it’s party time for people, it’s hell time for hair. Gel, spray, serum, wax or texturisers; they’ll all take their toll on your precious locks. No matter how many times you condition with ultra hydrating hair masks, you’ll never get the results you want as long as you have build up.

A weekly rinse with a clarifying shampoo will get rid of all those residues and allow your hair to drink up the goodness of pampering products. We love Davines Solu Refreshing Shampoo, £12.20, with barley extracts, sweet almond proteins and the kicker in the pack, Olive Ampho Acetate, an olive oil derived cleanser that rids the hair of excess products while leaving it soft and silky.

Stockists: 020 33015449

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