Sue Devitt Make-up Line

Chrissy ON Jul 30, 2009 AT 12:20 pm

Sue Devitt Make-up line

Sue Devitt Make-up line

By Chrissy Iley

A couple of years ago I went to an Elton John Oscar party. Simon Cowell was shocked to see me there and shocked in general. “Have you had work done?” he said. “You have.” I’m sure he meant it as a compliment. But in fact Sabrina from Sue Devitt had just done my make-up.

Sabrina is an artist with great empathy and sense of colour, which is exactly what the Sue Devitt line is all about. Devitt is an Australian who travels. She might see a colour in a hill on the Caribbean, or a pebble on a beach, and that exact colour would inspire a destination eye shadow or lipstick. Hollywood is a lip colour that’s pale¬†dusky pink and shimmers like an old Hollywood siren. Zimbabwe is a lip colour inspired by pinkish brown African earth.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the eye pencils. For instance, Kenya, a dark brown, goes on super soft, super smudgy, but super rich, and blends into Victoria Falls, a navy, for a full smoky eye. It has staying power too. And easier to use. The new eye palettes are a one-stop wonder. Cascading shades of green in Green Isles, or browns and tawnies Serengeti. They are super soft and super hydrating, yet they wrap around the eye with intensity.

The Make-up line from artist Sue Devitt

The Make-up line from artist Sue Devitt

These particular palettes are ideal for travel because they are compact and you can vary your eye look from day to evening. The darker shade can be used as a liner.

She’s just come out with a SPF15 mineral powder, which gives a light coverage instead of foundation, or it can be added into her tinted moisturiser for a natural but translucent look. She has two primers. One with blue algae extract, which takes away redness and acts as a perfect sunscreen because it has SPF30. This can be mixed with the primer Devitt likes to call “the one Nicole Kidman loves.” It doesn’t have SPFs, but it leaves the skin super juicy bouncy and Kidman is addicted. The oxygen infusion mask is perfect for brightening tired skin, and comes in a size that’s big enough for value, small enough to pack in a carry on.

Sue Devitt micro manages everything herself. She creates it with passion, as well as detailed research. The skincare works. The colours are vibrant, and the textures all super-soft smooth. You feel like each one has been cherished in its production.

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