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by Annie Vischer

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is one of the names that stormed to the top of the ‘must read about’ lists in 2013. She has become famed for her tomboy ways and gamine yet Bardot-esque looks and there’s just enough of a hint of rebel about her to keep us interested. Having dropped out of school at 16 to concentrate on her modelling career (she is currently signed by Next Models), she has since become the face of Burberry, H&M and Pepe Jeans, as well as appearing in films Pusher and Love,Rosie.

2013 saw her grace numerous high profile covers including Tatler and Elle UK. Her latest venture of sorts, however, concerns her love life. Bradley Cooper, floppy-haired Hollywood fox of the moment famously wooed her after their first meeting in England, even flying her over to join him stateside.

Then there was fashion week. Who could forget Bradley sitting alongside Anna Wintour, gazing up disarmed by his girl strutting her stuff down the runway for Burberry.

Suki Waterhouse

The Suki Waterhouse style is a subtle mix of androgynous chic and feminine pretty-ness. Too-big shirts matched with toned-tummy baring crop tops, as well as boyish dungarees accompanied by a messy top-knot are just a couple of the combinations that Suki has been favouring. She is all for experimentation and changing it up, but one look that she has failed to ditch is her signature fringe.

Suki has proved that a fringe doesn’t have to be neat and perfectly trimmed for it to stand up in the fashion stakes. Her look is evocative of the whispy Kate Moss do the supermodel fashioned in 2010. With its longer length making it more wearable, the Suki Waterhouse fringe is the perfect way to go if you are craving a 2014 hair renovation.

Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper at the SAG Awards 2014

Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper at the SAG Awards 2014

Celebrity hair stylist Nicky Clarke had some fringe-based words of wisdom for us, that helped us on our way to achieving that Suki Waterhouse style.

‘One of the first things people think about when debating a fringe is face shape.’ Says Nicky. ‘While this is always something to consider, most hairdressers will tell you that fringe styles can be adapted to suit most people. It’s more a question of do you have the right type of hair to create the perfect fringe?’

Nicky Clarke describes Suki’s fringe look as ‘The Full Fringe’. This covers anything ‘from a heavy full fringe (think Lily Allen) to the softer more gown out look (Suki Waterhouse) nearly every one can wear a full fringe, as long as it is tailored to you. Just remember fringe to face ratio, ideally you need more face than fringe!’

The best thing about the Suki-style full fringe, is that its longer length means that it can be more quickly grown out into what Nicky Clarke dubs ‘The Sweeping Fringe’. This, he says, ‘can be worn at any length to suit you and works great with the natural movement of the hair’.

Aveda Pure Abundance(TM) Hair Potion

Convinced? Remember that a fringe requires maintenance. No self-respecting beauty-savvy girl can get by without at least applying a moisturiser to her forehead, and most will opt for foundation and serums too. This means that a fringe will quite easily pick up product from the skin and loose shine far more quickly than the rest of the hair. The antidote? Ensure you always have a little bottle of hair powder in your bag to quickly whisk away any grease and add lift to your fringe. Aveda Pure Abundance(TM) Hair Potion (£19.00) is a brilliant choice. It adds texture and increases hair’s volume by up to 17%.

Match with a great mascara and a smudged cat-eye flick on the upper eye-lids to really finish off that Suki Waterhouse just-fell-out-of-bed look. After all, who doesn’t want to look like they’ve just fallen out of bed with Bradley Cooper?!

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